Jeff Mortensen

Jeffrey Mortensen grew up as an artistic gymnast and a Ukrainian dancer in Edmonton, Alberta. At the young age of 19 he joined the famed circus company Cirque Du Soleil as one of the 4 main characters in their Vegas resident show The Beatles LOVE. It was here that ignited a continued passion for storytelling from the approach of movement and choreography. This passion lead rather serendipitously to So You Think You Can Dance. It was here that Jeffrey began to gain the knowledge and ability to translate stage choreography for camera. Making Vancouver and Los Angeles his two major hubs, Jeffrey has been working in leadership and assistant choreographer positions on many major projects. Notable credits include Disney’s Descendants, FOX’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, J-Pop super group E-Girls, Disney’s Girl Vs. Monster, Lifetime’s Holiday Spin to name a few.

His unique background and equally diverse work experiences have lead to an interesting fusion of movement that is in high demand; folk inspired, fun, imaginative, technical, playful, and musical movement all guided through the direction of story. Currently he is Producing and Directing an immersive dance trilogy based in Tokyo and Vancouver.