Channing Cooke

Channing Cooke was born in a small town north of Boston. Dancing has been her passion since the age of three. Now twenty-seven her background includes intense dance instruction and numerous conventions and competitions. She was selected to compete on Fox Networks So You Think You Can Dance and was voted among the top twelve dancers. Moving forward with her career she chose Los Angeles as her base. Once there she was afforded the opportunity to work with major talents such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Florence and the Machine, Jessie J, Snow Patrol and Neil Patrick Harris. Channing has performed on the Oscars, MTV Video Music Awards, American Idol, The X factor, Dancing With The Stars, Two and a Half Men and the Ellen Degeneres show to name a few. Hand-picked by Travis Wall, she travelled the world performing and choreographing for his contemporary company Shaping Sound. Currently, she is assisting Mandy Moore on Dancing With The Stars and several of her other projects. Her greatest achievement would be to inspire young people with the love and ardor that she so embraces.